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A 100% waterless & eco friendly car wash company.

CAR SPA ADVANCED is advanced technique car cleaning service, where we provide waterless cleaning services. This technique provides you high level of satisfaction where you will find dust free and shiny car. Our highly professionalize and experienced team will provide you expert cleaning at your doorstep.

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Our Features!

Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient hand car wash experience possible. We use the most modern and up-to-date water reclamation modules as a part of our car wash systems. Our products are eco-friendly.

  • We are a licensed and fully insured company.
  • Our support help line function 24/7.
  • We use professional equipment and have a fully trained staff
  • We make sure our customers are completely satisfied with their service.
  • Professional detailing will increase the resale value of your car.
  • Book and pay for your wash electronically and securely.


You can book, pay for and manage your car wash from your mobile or computer. Simply click on Book Now or give us a call to find out more.



Why? Our mobile service will come to you. No more driving to a car wash and waiting your turn in a queue. Sit back and relax or go out and get on with your day - while CAR SPAA takes care of the clean.



Our waterless wash methods use only 1/2 litres of water - that's a saving of over 150 litres per wash. The nano solutions we use and the professional operators who administer them guarantee a fantastic wash and shine every time.



By booking our mobile car wash you can save a lot of money as it is much cheaper than any other car wash services. Stop paying extra for Showroom & Franchise cost.


Choose Your Car Wash Services Between CAR SPAA & Garage

  • It's Convenient.
  • Our support help line function 24/7.
  • You Don’t Need Loads of Kit.
  • It’s Quick.
  • It’s Better for the Environment.
  • No More Water Marks.
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